Achieving optimal productivity levels within your business is crucial for operational success. The right forklift plays a contributing role to workplace efficiency. Consider these factors when choosing your next forklift.

1. Choose the right forklift for the job

Forklift models are designed with unique features so that they meet specific job requirements. Factors such as indoor or outdoor operations; turning radius to weight and lifting height capabilities to complete a job are critical factors that are often overlooked. Choosing the wrong forklift leads to frustrating operations, reducing productivity and profitability. The correct forklift for the job has an alternative effect – enhancing performance, improving productivity and increasing profitability.

2. Deciding between an electric or diesel forklift

Electric forklifts are environmentally friendly. They release less harmful emissions into the air; are generally more compact which enables them to manoeuvre well in confined spaces. They are less expensive to maintain compared to their counterparts as they have minimal moving parts as well as a rechargeable battery.

The initial investment for an electric forklift is higher and the battery has to be fully charged before using the forklift. Special storage space is required to charge the batteries.

As for the diesel-powered forklift, they are less expensive, ideal for outdoor applications. Uninterrupted productivity can be assured as long as enough diesel fuel is at hand. As they operate on fuel, no storage spaces for charging the batteries are necessary. Lift speeds and acceleration capabilities of a diesel forklift are excellent too.

Diesel forklifts however are noisy. They emit more fumes into the air all of which could negatively affect the environment, the health of your operators as well as productivity levels. They are bigger and bulkier than electric forklifts, requiring adequate storage space.

3. Maintain your forklifts

Scheduled routine maintenance is imperative to ensuring operational productivity. Planned forklift maintenance has many advantages, including lowering repair costs and limiting downtime. Through proactive and preventative services, the lifespan of your forklift increases dramatically.

600SA can assist you increase your forklift’s productivity

At 600SA, we offer a range of forklifts under our CT Power brand as well as a range of second-hand forklifts for sale in South Africa via our TUF Forklift division. Our forklifts are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Our second-hand forklifts are regularly maintained for operational wear and tear and come with warranties, load testing certificates with service agreements available upon request. Contact us today should your business require advice on selecting the right forklift for your business operations.