Industrial Batteries for Your Electric forklift and Lifting Equipment

The world is making a shift to electricity as a means of replacing fossil fuels. Although this shift has just recently started to affect industries such as commercial vehicles, the industrial sector is no stranger to vehicles that are powered by batteries. Internal combustion forklift engines will eventually be a thing of the past since they release CO2 emissions and other noxious gases. The electric motors that run on electricity utilise wet-cell batteries and emit no gases in use.

Warehouses and storage facilities are typical of medium-sized to large businesses around the world. These facilities allow businesses to store their products, goods, or materials. Warehouse material-handling equipment is needed in such facilities to move these goods around. However, most of these facilities are indoors to protect materials from the elements. In an indoor environment, CO2 emissions can create a dangerous work environment, which led to the adoption of electric forklifts, pallet trucks, and reach stackers. If your business is looking for a supplier of such machines and the necessary batteries to power them, we are your answer.

Wet-Cell Industrial Batteries

Regular, single-use household batteries utilise dry cells and they have to be disposed of and replaced with new ones when they run flat. Wet-cell batteries, on the other hand, can be recharged. As the name implies, the cells are flooded with a fluid that has to be refilled to keep the battery in a functional and serviceable condition. Therefore, they are great for powering electric forklifts and other warehouse material handlers that are driven and used daily. We offer a range of Hawker industrial batteries with their own benefits and special features to optimise the power of your warehouse fleet.

Electric (Battery-Powered) Vehicles

There are many examples of electric industrial and commercial vehicles today, such as those used for public transportation. The future of this industry holds many unique challenges and possibilities. Recharging such a vehicle quickly is one of them. Luckily, the technology in this sector is making constant breakthroughs to come up with smart and innovative ways to recharge the cells that are found in the batteries of such vehicles. Energy-recovery systems are a good example of how generated kinetic energy can be converted into electric energy to charge the cells while the vehicle is braking or going downhill, for example. However, they all need power cells.

Our selection, origingally available via our Group Partner, CFAO Equipment SA (previously known as EIE Group) and now offered by ourselves is the lead-acid industrial batteries range includes cost-effective solutions for your electric warehouse fleet. If you want reliability and dependable performance, we have a range to offer as a good choice. It delivers versatility and can be used in a spectrum of applications. Therefore, it is an ideal option for large fleets. If you need something particularly robust, the IRONCLAD is your solution. Delivering a bigger capacity that holds more cells, the IRONCLAD can go for longer between recharges to serve as a solution for bigger machines and longer hours.

Wet-cell batteries require some maintenance to keep their fluids topped up for charging and recharging cycles. If you want a solution that requires less maintenance, the Water Less ranges offer ample options to reduce the need for maintenance between charges. The Evolution features a revolutionary gelled electrolyte in which the cells are stored. The result is a maintenance-free cell that offers more capacity to stretch the life of the current charge. If you need industrial power solutions for your storage-facility fleet, our range includes several solutions that can elevate your business to a more competitive level.

600SA Holdings is your solution to industrial forklift batteries to power your electric forklift and lifting equipment. We also have a complete range of truck-mounted cranes to choose from. For more information on our range of forklift battery products, complete the contact form below and one of our sales consultants will get in touch.

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