Cleaning with Industrial Sweepers and Scrubbers

Industrial facilities such as storage warehouses, workshops, and manufacturing plants must have the appropriate cleaning machinery to ensure that such a facility stays clean and safe. Storage facilities utilise forklifts and other warehouse material-handling equipment to run their daily operations and these machines need a clean floor on which they can operate to avoid incidents and accidents. Sweepers and scrubbers have always been a part of such a facility’s machinery. If you are looking for a supplier of sweepers and scrubbers, we are your answer.

Workshops and manufacturing plants produce waste every day. Wood and metal filings cover the floors, in addition to all manner of other waste. This can create a dangerous work environment if not cleaned up frequently to avoid hazardous situations. Since some waste is flammable, it must be cleaned up accordingly to avoid any potential danger. By using industrial sweepers and scrubbers, you can speed up the cleaning process and ensure a cleaner work environment in your facility.

The Beneficial Design of Industrial Cleaners

Industrial sweepers and scrubbers are different from household machines in many ways. Their brushes are tougher, designed to deal with heavy-duty work. They also operate with larger volumes of water to ensure that a larger area can be cleaned in a shorter period. Vacuuming is also an important function of these machines, ensuring that they can trap waste efficiently. We offer a large selection of these machines, giving your business an extensive approach to cleaning-machinery solutions. Therefore, you can make the most of your available cleaning equipment at your facilities.

Industrial sweepers are ideal for floors where almost no water is necessary to clean the surface. Unlike scrubbers, these machines focus on the loose waste particles on the surface. We offer a selection of Sweepmaster walk-behind and ride-on options. They feature strong and durable brushes that are mounted on the front and/or sides of the machines, dependent on the model. These are efficient enough to easily cover large areas within a short time. Because they are so efficient, they can be used for commercial purposes as well. Wherever you need a broom to clean a large floor surface, these machines can take care of it in a fraction of the time.

Industrial scrubbers use water tanks to extend their cleaning capability beyond just sweeping. These machines can take care of almost any flat and smooth surface. We offer a selection of Scrubmaster models available in either walk-behind or ride-on configurations. When dealing with shopping-mall floors or a busy storage facility, you sometimes need a machine that can do more than just use brushes to get rid of dirt, grime, and other waste. This is where these machines can be very useful when cleaning such floor surfaces.

When working in an industrial facility, the most common means of cleaning floors manually is by using a mop and broom. The floor must be swept first if it needs to be scrubbed, at which point you must wait for the floor to dry before it is clean and ready for use. When dealing with larger floor areas, this process is best left to a machine that can cover much larger areas in shorter periods. We offer solutions in this domain to ensure that your facility can speed up such cleaning processes and have safe and clean work environments.

600SA Holdings is your solution to industrial sweepers and scrubbers. We also offer a wide range of mobile cranes and rechargeable industrial batteries to power your lifting equipment. For more information on how we can help you redefine your cleaning operations, please browse our website for specifications and brochures on our cleaning machinery. Choose us today and experience quality sweepers and scrubbers for your business.