Our Selection of Lifting Equipment for Your South African Business

South Africa has a very active industrial sector, with large companies competing in this domain. Johannesburg and Durban are some of the most important cities in South Africa in terms of their industrial operations. Because of the O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg and the bustling port of Durban, it is not surprising to see industrial machinery here, even on the public roads. If you are looking for a supplier of quality lifting equipment for your business, we are your answer.

Industrial lifting equipment covers a large variety of machinery. From warehouse materials handlers to tower cranes, they all fall under this umbrella. Our solutions include truck-mounted mobile cranes that can be a game-changer for you too. We also offer industrial-grade rechargeable batteries to power your industrial machinery too, so all your needs can be met when choosing us as your supplier. If your truck fleet has loader and transporter trucks, you normally need additional lifting equipment to load them. However, by mounting mobile knuckle-boom cranes onto them, you add a crane function to these trucks and remove the need for any additional vehicles.

The Advantages of Truck-Mounted Cranes

 goods onto a truck. Many South Africans are own their own personal cars and, as a result, trucks that transport cars are very common and it follows that trucks towing cars are also common. If you have a truck that specialises in towing or transporting other vehicles, a truck-mounted knuckle-boom crane can be a feasible solution for you.

Trucks with flatbeds can basically transport anything heavy, oddly shaped, or too big for some other types of trucks. However, an additional vehicle is always needed to perform the duties of loading such a flatbed before it sets off. Pallets laden with construction materials are usually loaded onto flatbeds by forklifts, since forklifts are specialists in vertical lifting. However, a knuckle boom is also very good at deadlifting, which obviates the need for a lift truck. The knuckle boom can simply load the truck from a stationary position and it can be on its way.

Recycling and forestry are both very active industries in South Africa. Therefore, we offer specialist ranges for both industries regarding truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes. These pieces of lifting equipment are specifically designed to deal with the challenges of each respective industry. Whether it is handling felled logs or picking up recyclable materials, a knuckle boom is ideal for these functions. Penz Crane is a leading manufacturer in these industries, delivering ranges for both to ensure that you can go about your business with quality equipment.

If you want a more versatile and universal approach, Fassi delivers truck-mounted lifting equipment that will serve your needs. These knuckle booms are designed to suit various industries and are particularly versatile. They are available in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty ranges to give you a wide spectrum of capacities and sizes to choose from. The knuckle boom is growing in popularity in South Africa due to its smart and innovative design. Since it is shaped like a human finger, it can easily extend and retract. It can also rotate, since it is mounted at the base of the crane.

600SA Holdings is your partner in industrial lifting equipment in South Africa. We also offer a variety of industrial cleaning equipment and rechargeable industrial batteries to power all manner of indoor machinery. For details on our available machines, please browse our website for images of them and their specifications. Choose us as your supplier today and elevate your business with the best lifting equipment in South Africa.