In the busy world of waste management, there is an unsung hero that works tirelessly and plays a critical role in making a major contribution towards a greener and cleaner environment – The Orakci refuse compactor truck.

Here are two ways in which the Orakci Refuse Compactor Truck contributes to creating a cleaner and more sustainable world.

#1. Efficient Waste Collection

One of the standout features of the Orakci ORV refuse compactor truck series is its exceptional waste compaction capabilities. The cutting-edge compacting mechanism tackles the challenge of reducing the waste volume immediately once waste is moved from the hopper and into the body of the truck. This allows for maximum load capacity on each trip, resulting in few collection rounds and reduced fuel consumption. This efficiency translates into significant cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

#2. Preserving Landfill space

One of many challenges facing the South African waste management industry is the demand for land suitable for waste disposal, especially given the rapid urbanisation and population growth. The shortage of land poses risk of overloading existing landfills and leads to inadequate waste management practices.

The Orakci ORV refuse compactor truck addresses this challenge by compacting the waste, resulting in reduced waste volume that occupies less space in existing landfills. As a result, it extends the lifespan of these landfills, making a significant contribution to sustainable waste disposal.

The Orakci Refuse Compactor Trucks, ORV Series are a symbol of reliable and sustainable waste management practices in South Africa. Their ability to optimize waste collection and transportation ensures that waste and resources are utilised efficiently, thus reducing unnecessary waste generation.

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About the Orakci Refuse Compactor Trucks, ORV series

Orakci are global producers of truck mounted waste collection equipment and offers the ORV series which is ideally suited to the South African market. The Orakci ORV series refuse compactor trucks features two models, namely the ORV-313 with a body size of 13m3, with a hopper capacity of 1.5m3 and vehicle length of 7503mm to deliver a compact truck design that can easily get the job of compacting and transporting waste done.

The ORV-419 model is the big brother to the ORV-313, with an increase to the overall body volume of 19m3. Its hopper volume is 2m3 and the overall body inside dimensions at 5113 x 3590 x 2130mm, as opposed to 3400 x 2097 x 1716mm for the ORV-313.

600SA is a proud distributor of Orakci refuse compactors serving the municipality and waste management companies throughout South Africa. Interested to learn more about the Orakci ORV series compactor trucks can benefit your waste management operations, let us provide you with more information today. Contact us below.

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