What does reliability mean to you and does it only apply to forklift sales? To us, reliability means a company that you can depend upon no matter what – to be there for you with quality products and after-service support. And this is what we, 600SA a division of EIE Group, rebranding as CFAO Equipment, have been committed to, since 1968.

Adding value to our customers and their operations, and remaining relevant and competitive in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry is crucial in the supply of reliable and affordable forklift sales and related services. We have done this with our China manufactured forklift brand, CT Power Forklift and with the provision of product technical expertise, workshops, training, parts and customer support services.

At 600SA, reliability comes packaged as follows:

Forklift Types

CT Power Forklifts, manufactured by Global Power CO., Ltd, a Toyota Industries Group is known for their customizable range of forklifts and affordability. At 600SA we offer a variety of CT Power Forklift models to meet our customers’ operating demands, including narrow aisle 3-wheel forklifts for warehouse, retail and logistics with minimal turning radius requirements, as well as 4-wheel forklifts with increased load capacity. To suit our customers’ eco-friendly and zero-emissions aims, we have a wide range of electric forklifts to offer, as well as diesel forklifts for outdoor terrain applications.

Discover our range of CT Power Forklift Types here.

Forklift Sales | New and Used

600SA has a large selection of forklifts for sale, both new and used. Our TUF Forklift division offers second-hand forklifts for sale. Our pre-owned forklifts are competitively priced and have between 8000 and upwards hours of used service. All forklift sales come with warranties and load test certificates as standard. On request, service and full maintenance agreements are available.

Find out more about our used forklift sales here.

Reliable Forklift Rental Options

Short-term rentals for seasonal demands, unanticipated production peaks or breakdowns, and long-term rentals for further benefits are all available. Renting a forklift guarantees that productivity is maintained and that your operational activities function smoothly.

Short-term rental terms might range from a day to a year, depending on your requirement for a forklift. This agreement covers our responsibility for just normal wear and tear and includes service and preventative maintenance in accordance with the OEM’s lubrication chart and instruction manual. A replacement forklift may be provided in the event of any urgent or severe breakdowns or repairs, depending on the severity of the breakdown.

Long-term forklift rental periods range from 12 months up to 5 years. The rental fee includes minor, major and lubrication servicing and equipment maintenance in line with the OEM’s lubrication chart and instruction manual. The advantage of long-term forklift rentals is the flexibility available to meet your operational demands and business needs.

Contact us to find out more about our forklift rental and what your obligations are under the short and long-term rental options.

Trusted Forklift Repair, Service & Maintenance

Our customers can choose from a variety of forklift complete services, maintenance packages, and repair options. These services include everything from core maintenance to hydraulic oil services, as well as electronic maintenance and repairs.

Quality tested and reliable forklift spare parts

Forklift replacement parts are readily available for all of our new and used forklifts, guaranteeing that in the case of an emergency breakdown, forklift maintenance or service parts are readily available to keep your forklift running with minimal downtime.

Dependable Customer Support Services

Forklift load testing, product technical expertise, forklift driver training, and product training to paint and spray booths for touch-ups to complete resprays are among the other customer support services.

Traction Batteries

Lithium-ion forklift batteries, lead-acid batteries for charging devices, and battery charging training solutions are provided by Industrial Power, a division of 600SA, to help our customers achieve optimum efficiency in their operations. Our Balancell lithium-ion battery is convenient, simple, and rapid to charge, going from 0% to 100% in about 2 hours, allowing for 24/7 operation on a single battery due to the lack of a cool-down period and short charging time.

Accredited Forklift Training (Driver & Product Training)

Our CFAO Equipment Training Academy offers comprehensive and accredited forklift training. High-quality training standards are ensured by certified national trainers and specialized curriculum creators. For all warehouse and industrial equipment and processes, our training center provides soft and technical skills, as well as product training, certificates, and trade qualifications.

Find out more about our forklift driver training programmes and licenses here.

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