Hako Industrial Scrubbers and Driers from Scrubmaster

Large facilities require industrial-grade cleaning equipment to cover larger areas when cleaning and maintaining such a facility. Parking lots, shopping malls, and large storage facilities are good examples of where industrial scrubbers and driers are used. These machines cover larger areas in comparison with other types of floor cleaners, making them more efficient solutions. Scrubmaster is a leading brand in industrial cleaning solutions and 600SA Holdings offers a wide variety of their machines for your business. Regular cleaning tasks just got a lot easier.

Walk-Behind Hako Scrubber dryers range

 for cleaning smooth surfaces and usually use water to do so. They are commonly designed as walk-behind machines to allow the operator to rotate the machine from a stationary position to cover large areas. Industrial-grade scrubbers are larger machines, delivering more power and size to cover more space in less time. Scrubmaster’s selection in this category offers a broad spectrum of machines that can make a notable difference in maintaining large floor surfaces. They also function as driers, a function needed for public shopping malls and industrial storage facilities alike.

The Scrubmaster B3 is one of those versatile and compact scrubber-driers that features a lightweight design and collapsible tie bar. It is practical, easy to transport and operate, ideal for smaller areas, and just the thing for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. If you need something bigger, the B30 is a quick solution for small- to medium-sized areas. It is easy to manoeuvre and has a maintenance-free battery pack that keeps it going for longer.

Ride-On Ranges

When you want to cover medium to large areas in a short time, ride-on scrubber-driers are the best way to do so. The Scrubmaster B75 R is perfect for cleaning aisles, as it has an optimal seating position, giving the operator excellent visibility. By placing the operator at the front of the machine, they can clearly see where they are driving, greatly reducing the risk of a collision. This also allows the operator to guide the machine through narrow aisles and confined spaces, which is common in industrial storage facilities.

5 R is an ideal option for facilities with ramps, elevations, or inclines. This scrubber-drier is designed to handle any environment with hard floors, making it perfect for a wide variety of facilities. It also features a slow mode to conserve power and work more efficiently on even and flat surfaces. If you need a solution that can handle outdoor applications as well, the B310 R is your all-round answer. This machine has a cabin with a roof to allow the operator to comfortably clean outdoor areas. These machines also feature side-scrubbers to extend their functionality. Regardless of the facility, the B310 R can cover large areas in no time.

Scrubmaster’s selection of scrubbers and driers offers feasible solutions for industrial-grade cleaning. Storage facilities must have clean and dry floors to ensure that the lifting equipment has optimal grip and stability during operation. Shopping malls and large retailers must ensure that their floors are clean, dry, and cleared of any obstacles to prevent people from slipping or falling. Therefore, industrial cleaning machines that also feature vacuuming functions, as well as being driers, are ideal for such applications.

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