In the face of challenging economic conditions, the steadily increasing costs of running a supply chain business only climbs. Managers recognise the threat increased costs have on profitability and the sustainability of their business. Decreasing costs has therefore become a top priority. However, just because you need to cut on costs does not mean you have to sacrifice quality which is why 600SA provides you with access to affordable, quality guaranteed second hand forklifts.

The benefits of buying second hand forklifts in South Africa

Considerations before buying used forklifts

When purchasing key material handling equipment which is as crucial to your operational success as forklifts are, ensuring you make the right investment decision is in your best interest. And choosing between a new and used forklift may seem like a trade-off between cost and quality but at 600SA we ensure that you get the best value and return on your investment, especially through our second-hand forklifts and after-sales support.

We recognise that each business is unique and therefore has different needs which is why we provide you with a range of quality second-hand forklifts from recognised and credible brands.

The following considerations are crucial to your investment decisions, especially when purchasing a second-hand forklift:

  1. What forklift type does your business need, internal combustion or electric forklift?

  2. What forklift specifications do you need in terms of lifting capacity, size and dimensions?

  3. How many hours of use has the forklift had and what is its capacity to work economically?

  4. Is there any damage to the forklift or its components?

  5. What is the maintenance record of the forklift, and does it affect future performance?

  6. Does the forklift come with a warranty and what aftermarket services are offered?

These 6 questions are only some of the things you need to keep in mind when purchasing a used forklift. To find out more about used forklift considerations read our blog “Used forklifts for sale. 8 critical pre-sales question to ask”.

TUF Forklifts Quality Second Hand Forklifts for sale in South Africa

TUF Forklifts, a trusted quality used forklift brand and division of 600SA, provides customers with an extensive range of competitively priced multi-brand second-hand forklifts covering all makes and models over 12 000 hours. Whether you’re looking to add to your fleet or replace your retiring forklifts; purchasing from TUF Forklifts saves you upfront costs without compromising on quality and reliability. The benefits of purchasing from TUF Forklifts include:

1) Saving on the initial purchase costs

When purchasing a used forklift, you can save up to 50% of the costs making second-hand forklifts far more affordable, especially when saving money and preserving your cash flow is a priority.

2) Credible maintenance records

TUF Forklifts provides second-hand forklifts that have been verified to be well-maintained and serviced according to applicable standards and manufacturer recommendations ensuring your used forklift is of the best standard and in good working condition. A pre-sales diagnostics check is done to ensure you are informed of any issues to be fixed whether covered by the warranty or not to provide you with peace of mind regarding the condition of your used forklift.

3) Aftermarket support

600SA offers an extensive range of affordable aftermarket services to minimize downtime should your forklift require service, maintenance, spare parts, or other components. From exceptional electric card workmanship, and hydraulic field service to refurbishing services 600SA provided you with all the aftermarket services necessary to keep your used forklift sustainable and at its best performance for a long time.

To find out more about our competitively priced second-hand forklifts get in touch with us today.

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