Sustainability and profit-oriented managers recognise the benefits of second-hand forklifts and the cost savings they provide supply chain businesses. Buying or hiring second hand forklifts does not mean you are sacrificing quality for lower costs.

600SA, a division of CFAO Equipment SA, is committed to providing its customers with access to the best second-hand forklifts for sale or hire in South Africa. Second-hand forklifts from 600SA are affordable, reliable and quality guaranteed.

There are many considerations for purchasing the best second hand forklift for your wholesale or retail business. To help you with this decision we have compiled our top 6 questions to ask when assessing the quality of second hand owned forklifts.

Questions to ask when shopping for second hand forklifts for sale or hire

Q1: Is the maintenance history available?

The longevity of a forklift is primarily determined by the quality and regularity of servicing and maintenance it receives. When assessing the maintenance history of a forklift it is particularly important to look for oil changes, lubrications, and servicing intervals. Also, note major repairs to a newer machine could indicate a lack of preventive maintenance or aggressive use.

Q2: How often was the forklift charged (for electric forklifts)?

A forklift battery’s life span is significantly impacted by the charging habits that are implemented. Charging a battery when it reaches 20% to 30% is optimal for the battery lifespan. When a battery is used below 20% its lifespan is negatively affected as deep discharging can lead to electrical components overheating and damaging the forklift. On the other hand batteries have a limited number of charges thus to optimise these charges they should always be fully charged each charging session.

Q3: What loads were handled?

Load handling is a majority of a forklift’s operational use and therefore a significant source of wear and tear for the forklift. Therefore, staying within a forklift’s recommended capacity helps to increase the lifespan of the forklift and its lifting components. Also ensuring that the appropriate attachments where utilised when handling loads prevents wear and tear.

Q4: Where was the forklift stored?

The storage conditions of the forklift affect its lifespan. Storing your forklift out of the elements protects it from the elements preventing rusting and other environmental hazards. Storage in a clean, dry space, therefore, prolongs the life of a forklift and reduces wear and tear.

Q5: How many hours was the forklift used each day or week?

The lifespan of a forklift is measured by the hours of use. The more frequently used, as in double shifts, the higher the hours of use. For warehouse forklifts the usage is often measured in shifts, therefore, ask how many shifts per day the machine was used.

Q6: How were drivers trained?

Aggressive driving puts more wear and tear on machines. Trained drivers are aware of this and are trained to optimise the use of forklifts to improve performance without increasing wear and tear or shortening the lifespan of the forklift.

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The Benefits of buying from TUF Forklifts

TUF Forklifts is a division of 600SA, a trusted quality used forklift brand with a wide range of multi-brand second hand forklifts. With second-hand forklifts you can save up to 50% of the initial purchase costs compared to new forklift purchases. TUF Forklifts provides forklift service agreements, repairs, and Load Certificates on request for your peace of mind. Their forklift quality is verified according to applicable standards and manufacturer recommendations ensuring the standard and working condition of your forklift.

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