Using the correct lifting equipment when working with materials and machinery goes a long way to increasing and enhancing, your business safety and productivity. The correct machinery will assist your company in several ways, including:

Getting the job done faster

The correct lifting equipment such as forklifts, reach trucks, and refuse trucks, for your operations enable timely turnaround and completion of tasks. As an example, being able to transport larger loads in less time, helps your team work faster, completing tasks quickly and effectively. This affords your business the opportunity to concentrate on other areas of operations.

At 600SA we offer a wide range of lifting equipment for all your material handling requirements.

Avoiding injury and damages

The safety of your personnel and avoiding damage to lift loads are critical. Injury, death, or damage often mean downtime and placing strain on your business operations. Further working in an unsafe environment or with unsafe machinery impacts staff morale, which could lead to decreased service levels that directly impact your business operations, reputation, and profitability.

By having the correct lifting equipment, you lower the risk to personnel, loads and business.

Compliance with regulations

Ensuring the health, welfare, and safety of your employees at work is imperative. This includes injury risks due to working with lifting machinery. Failing to comply with these regulations could result in a lawsuit or staff injury on site.

At 600SA we aim to make the workplace safer, ensuring that all our lifting equipment for hire or purchase meet industry standards. We guide you on your selecting the correct lifting equipment to ensure that it is suitable for its intended purposes and provides you with the performance that you need. We maintain all our heavy lifting equipment regularly. All inspections and repairs are carried out by specialised individuals who have the necessary expertise and experience to do the job correctly.

What next?

If your operations are struggling under the strain of incorrect material handling equipment, it is essential to take action. Examine your existing equipment immediately and decide what your organisation requires to improve productivity, reduce risk to staff, ensure compliance with relevant regulations and operate efficiently for profitability purposes.

Hiring or purchasing heavy lifting equipment from a reputable supplier like ourselves goes a long way to helping you meet all your safety and operational requirements. Contact us today for support.

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