Timber Crane Machinery for Mounting on Trucks for Log Lifting and Placement

We are a proud supplier of superior-quality timber crane equipment for trucks from Penz Crane. The brand is known for the manufacturing of powerful, robust, and highly versatile equipment for timber crane trucks.

Let us take a closer look at the machinery for mounting on trucks from the Penz brand to give you an indication of how we can meet your lift and load needs in the forestry industry.

Timber Range L- class

The cranes in this class are made with reliability and can do specialist tasks, such as long log loading and moving over a distance of 25 m. For such logs, remarkable load handling capacity is essential. The machines in the L-class do not disappoint with their lifting capacity of 284 kNm. The most powerful in the class is the 30Lp+.

Everything from 4L to 6L cranes is available. These machines are widely used for agricultural operations as well. The next level up is the 12L, suitable for just about any type of load in the agriculture or forestry industries. The strongest is, of course, the 30Lp+, made for heavy timber operations.

Timber Range Z – class

These are folding cranes for maximum reach and lift capacity. With maximum lift capacity at 257 kNm and a reach of 9,6 m, the machines in this class are the workhorses of the industry. Rochus Penz (Senior) designed these timber cranes, which were also the first of their kind in the world.

Why the Penz Knuckle Boom Crane for Timber Haulage?

The brand is known for its specialised equipment to be fitted to a range of trucks. With forestry being a complicated industry that includes activities, such as forwarding, harvesting, loading, clearing, and transporting, you need more than just heavy-duty trucks. You need forwarders and harvesters for the transportation of the timber to the correct areas where the loaders can pick the logs up for transportation to the mills. Loading the timber logs onto the trucks is where the importance of correct equipment comes in. The Penz machines are perfectly suited for loading logs of all sizes on the appropriate trucks.

Whether you require equipment for loading small logs or need powerful machines for lifting and loading heavy logs, you will appreciate the features of the machines in the L and Z classes.

What makes the knuckle boom cranes specifically useful is the fact that the machines are mounted onto appropriate trucks. As such, the trucks come into the load or lift sites and can immediately operate without workers first having to assemble machinery.

Many of the cranes fall into the lattice-boom category. The machines can be used for construction projects as well. The booms often have several sections, which are connected to the knuckles that enable the folding of the boom in a way similar to the human finger movement. With the knuckle system, it is almost as if a giant and super-strong steel hand grabs onto the logs before the arm is moved to the right drop-off location where the knuckle movement allows for the opening of the claw for a gentle drop of logs in a precise manner.

With such precision possible, logs can be picked up and dropped at exact spots. Exceptional manoeuvrability makes it possible to stack logs in perfect arrangements. The movement from the boom starts at the base. It can rotate at the base and then movement extends further. Sophisticated technology enables precision movement.

Where to Get More Information

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