Every owner of a wholesale distribution business knows how challenging it can be to run a business. Moving from customer service and sales to the operational process of running a very complicated business is essential for wholesale distribution success. The key to making money is to run your business efficiently and turn your inventory around quickly.

For wholesalers sourcing, storing, and selling bulky items having adequate storage warehouse space is essential. Wholesalers face hurdles when it comes to meeting the increasing demands of their business customers. Moving inventory with speed, flexibility, safety, and maximum cost-effectiveness with your material handling equipment running at peak levels can be quite challenging.

600SA provides wholesalers with cost-effective and dependable material handling equipment and services, allowing them to focus on their businesses and clients rather than their equipment, allowing them to grow without compromising performance.

600SA’s range of warehouse material handling equipment saves time and costs by enabling workers to store and transport products more efficiently and productively while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Our material handling equipment range

Our range of material handling equipment to increase efficiency in wholesale distribution businesses includes:

1. Stand On Forklift | CT Power Forklift FBR Series

stand on forklift

The CT Power Stand on forklift is an excellent choice for applications requiring high capacity and lift height. It has a rated load capacity of 2000kg and a 6-meter lifting height. It benefits from an integrated reach forward mast and a tiny turning radius, allowing it to avoid the bottom shelf’s obstructions. It is the perfect and affordable choice for warehouses, supermarkets, ports, and other areas where products are stored.

2. Electric Reach Truck (Sit Down)| CT Power FBR Series

sit down reach truck

This sit-on high-performance electric reach truck provides exceptional efficiency and safety. Designed for rigorous stacking tasks for objects weighing between 1400 and 2000 kilograms, with a maximum lift height of 8 or 12.5 meters. Large wholesale and distribution centres are equipped with intelligent systems and safety components to ensure the most efficient operations.

3. CT Power Forklift | Electric Stacker Truck

electric stacker truck

This CT Power Electric Stacker Truck has a maximum load capacity of 2000kg and a maximum lift height of 5500mm, making it ideal for transferring pallets fast and safely in much tighter spaces where the customer can focus on storing.

4. CT Power Motorised Electric Pallet Trucks

electric pallet truck

With a maximum load capacity of 2-3 tons, the CT Power Motorised Electric Pallet truck range is perfect for long travel lengths and enables the lifting and transportation of heavier pallets.

5. CT Power Forklifts – 3 wheel, 4 wheel, electric and diesel operated

ct power forklift fd seriesct power forklift h seriesct power forklift tl seriesct power forklift 3 wheelct power forklift 4 wheel

CT Power Forklifts available in 3-wheel and 4-wheel forklift choices, powered by lithium-ion or lead acid traction batteries or diesel, are well known for their customizable range of forklifts and economy. These forklifts are versatile, quiet, simple to operate, and efficient.

600SA offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality, reliable forklift trucks and warehouse equipment for wholesale and distribution centres. Discover our full range here.

Need help finding the right equipment for your material handling needs, contact us today. We are on standby to provide your business with the affordable and reliable support that it needs.

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