Used forklifts for sale. 8 critical pre-sales questions to ask

Forklifts are key material handling equipment assets that are necessary for the success of many supply chain and logistics operations. It is not always possible to purchase a new forklift, necessitating the approach to purchase used or second-hand forklifts that are for sale.

When purchasing a second-hand forklift, no one wants to make a poor investment decision. How can you ensure that your business gets the best value and return on its investment, given the high costs?

To assist you in making your purchase decision, we’ll walk you through the questions you should ask before purchasing a used forklift, as well as the risks you should be aware of.

Used forklifts for sale: Pre-sale questions to ask

  1. Forklift type
  2. Lifting capacity
  3. Forklift size
  4. How used is the forklift?
  5. Forklift damage. Is there any?
  6. Maintenance records?
  7. Warranty or sold as-is?
  8. What aftermarket support is available?

Q1. Forklift Type – Is it an internal combustion or electric forklift?

Where will the forklift be used, and what environmental factors should you consider? Indoors, an internal-combustion forklift will be noisy and emit dangerous fumes that will have an impact on your employees’ and the environment’s health. Electric forklifts can be used both indoors and outside; however, if you work in harsh weather, check the electric forklift’s IP markings for dust and water protection, since neglecting to do so could result in a costly buying mistake.

Q2. What is the forklift’s lifting capacity?

Check to see if the used forklift you’ve found is suitable for your needs before making a purchase. Because each forklift has its own set of limits, it’s important to know what the forklift’s lifting capacity is: how much weight can it handle and how high can the forks extend. Know ahead of time what your average lifting weights and lift heights are and the lifting capacity at that height

Q3: What is the forklift size and dimensions?

The forklift’s size and specifications must be considered. If the dimensions aren’t double-checked, the forklift may be too big for the space it needs to manoeuvre and operate in.

After you’ve determined which forklift is best for your needs, you’ll need to answer a few more questions.

Q4. How used is the forklift?

The lifespan of a forklift is measured in hours, with the average forklift working for up to 10,000 hours. Quality forklift brands such as Toyota and CT Power forklifts, are known to have a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours.

How effectively the forklift was maintained, the conditions in which it functioned, and how frequently it was used are all factors that affect its lifespan.

We propose that you consider not only the number of hours it has been used, but also its capacity to work economically so that the costs of maintenance do not outweigh the costs of replacement.

Read our review on the CT Power Forklift.

Q5. Damage, are there any?

Before buying a used forklift, you’ll need to know what to check for in terms of damage. Forklift damage can develop on the forks, mask, cab, frame, and other components, necessitating extensive repairs to return it to use. The condition in which you find the used forklift is a good indicator of how well the forklift was treated by the previous owner or operator.

Q6. Forklift maintenance records

You can rest easy by requesting and verifying that the forklift has been maintained and serviced in accordance with applicable standards and manufacturer recommendations. For the life of the forklift, all records from maintenance, service, testing, and commissioning, as well as any modifications made to the forklift, must be retained. These records will be transferred to you, the new owner if you decide to purchase the used forklift.

Prior to selling a forklift, a diagnostic check is performed by a respected dealer or manufacturer, such as 600SA and our TUF Forklift division. This way, you’ll be aware of any issues that need to be fixed and will know whether or not they’re covered by the warranty.

Q7. Used-Forklift Warranty or sold as-is?

When buying a used forklift, make enquiries to determine if the manufacturer’s warranty still covers the forklift. A respectable and trustworthy dealer will provide a warranty, even for a used forklift.

When a dealership or a private seller sells a second-hand forklift “as is,” it usually means the forklift comes with no warranty. All flaws, repairs, and replacement parts discovered after the transaction are your responsibility.

Q8. What aftermarket support is offered?

Does your forklift dealer provide aftermarket support? Your used forklift may require service, maintenance to spare parts, accessories, and components. Knowing that aftermarket support is readily available to minimize any possibilities of extensive downtime.

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