What sets Konecranes’ Container Handling Equipment apart from other Container Handlers?

The right container handling equipment for managing your container transport and storage requirements is key to efficiently and profitably achieve optimal day-to-day operations at your container terminal.

Differentiating 3 commonly used Container Handling Equipment

Container handlers and container lift trucks are terms often used interchangeably to refer to a range of specialised container handling equipment designed for efficient lifting, lowering and stacking of empty to heavily loaded containers.  However, the differentiation of container handling equipment is evident in its application:

Empty Container Handler

An empty container handler has limited lifting capacity, and is often referred to as the machinery used in the storage and transfer of empty containers. Most empty container handlers use a hydraulic clamping system or twist-lock spreader attached to a lift tower to lift containers from the side or top.

Reach Stacker

A reach stacker has a higher lifting capacity and is often used in the transhipment of heavy loaded containers and storage which includes being able to pile containers in rows and at various heights. This machinery always uses a top lifting spreader attached to an arm to efficiently lift, stack, and move containers.

Heavy duty forklift truck

The heavy duty forklift truck is for lifting heavy loads. This is container heavy duty forklift truck is fitted with a wide mast where forks can be mounted to enable the lifting, stacking, and moving of containers.

Konecranes Container Lifting Equipment Range, Features & Benefits

Konecranes Empty Container Handler – Container Lift Trucks

Konecranes is a world-class provider of container lift trucks.  Its empty container handlers provide fast total operating speed, this includes lifting, lowering, and driving speed based on the load-sensing hydraulics, with a capacity of 8-10 tons. Whereas Konecranes’ laden container lift trucks, with a capacity of 33-45 tons, provide the greatest balance of efficiency and precision allowing for heavy-duty top-loader stability from a compact machine.

Read more and download our product brochure on our Container Lift Trucks – for laden and empty container lifting and handling.

Konecranes Reach Stackers

The Konecranes reach stacker range is built for customer feedback and application knowledge. With lifting capacity ranging from 10 to 80 tons, Konecranes offers a variety of nimble, compact empty containers, laden containers and industrial heavyweights for your ideal reach stacker application.

Read more and download our product brochure on our Reach Stackers.

Konecranes heavy duty forklift trucks

Konecranes’ heavy duty forklifts come standard with fork positioning as a testament to their specialised material handling. A Konecranes heavy duty forklift truck offers remarkable adaptability and a lifting capacity of 10-65 tons allowing for efficient heavy duty application to meet your container lifting needs.

Read more and download our product brochure on our heavy duty forklift trucks.

The brand promise that you can trust.

Konecranes has made significant investments in its R&D to provide your container terminal with the latest technologies. Their range of container handling equipment is designed with the evolution of your product development process in mind.

Service Made Easy

Konecranes container handling equipment offers reduced lifetime running and maintenance costs through their extended service intervals. This also allows for reduced downtime increasing your machines’ productivity and profitability.

Quality you can trust

Konecranes container handling equipment is built for reliability, durability and performance. From their high-quality core components, and emission-compliant engines, to their specialised technology Konecranes is invested in providing you with the latest performance and safety-enhancing technology.

Customer First Design

From the OPTIMA cabins, designed for remarkable spaciousness and superior visibility, to the user-friendly TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring technology, which enables real-time usage tracking and online report viewing, Konecranes ensure the best user experience. The Konecranes offers you a container handling equipment range customisable for your heavy-duty operational needs.

Read more about the optima cabins and the impressive safety features of empty container handlers here.

CFAO Equipment’s Aftermarket Division’s Trusted Quality Services and Benefits

The Konecranes container lift trucks provide the best value over time taking into account the purchase value, running costs and second-hand value. Aftermarket support provided by CFAO Equipment SA ensures that your Konecranes container handlers, reach stackers and heavy duty forklifts offer the best productivity by reducing downtime.

Aftermarket benefits

At CFAO Equipment SA we are committed to providing you with exceptional support, quality service delivery and superior workmanship. Our aftermarket division provides genuine Konecranes parts that pay for themselves through performance and ensure the best protection for your container handling investment.

To find out more about CFAO Equipment SA’s range of Konecranes container handling equipment, exceptional aftermarket support and benefits to container handler rentalcontact CFAO Equipment SA or complete the below online form today.

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