Strategies that extend your container yard equipment’s lifespan

Container yards are essential for the global transportation of products. The equipment in these container yards is critical to providing smooth operations. A clear container yard equipment lifecycle management plan is necessary to maintain optimal performance, allow for informed purchasing decisions, and cost efficiency by extending the operational lifespan of critical equipment, and for safety.

In this blog, we present four of the most common oversights observed in container yard equipment lifecycle plans, along with tips on how to prolong the equipment’s lifespan.

Common Oversights in the container yard equipment lifecycle management plan

No. 1. Age of container yard equipment without telematics and real-time monitoring capabilities

Older and less-advanced reach stackers, container lift trucks and forklifts either do not have or do not offer the latest technologies that would provide sufficient data analysis to operations managers. Modern container yard equipment is usually equipped with telematics and real-time monitoring, producing data for analysis. Data analysis provide a wealth of information and insights that help operation managers to make informed data-driven decisions in respect of predictive maintenance, performance monitoring and operational efficiencies.

No. 2. Short-Term Focus

Budget constraints, urgent operational needs to the economic uncertainty are a few of many reasons why container yard operations management prioritise short-term cost savings. Focusing solely on immediate cost savings without considering the organisations long-term performance goals can lead to decisions that hurt the organisations’ ability to seize opportunities in the dynamic world of logistics and transportation in the future.

No. 3. Ignorance of Technology for Monitoring and maintenance practice

There is a continued belief and resistance to adapting to include technology for the monitoring and maintenance of container yard equipment. Traditional maintenance practices, manual inspections and reactive repairs have served the container yard operations well enough without the proper understanding of the benefits, consequences and experience of the benefits of technology advancement. The consequences of this belief and approach results in the inability to optimise maintenance and improve operational efficiencies. Consequences often include missed predictive maintenance, higher maintenance costs and reduced operational efficiency, to name just a few.

No. 4. Neglecting Training

Operational pressure, assumption of familiarity on the use of equipment are two of many reasons for the neglect of equipment training. Inadequate training for equipment operators and maintenance personnel often lead to increased wear and tear of the equipment as well as increased accident risks. Proper training increases the likelihood of the correct use of the equipment, to the handling of maintenance tasks and contribute towards smoother operations.

How to extend the lifespan of your container yard equipment

There are three factors that we believe are critical to extending the lifespan of your reach stackers, container lift trucks and forklifts.

No. 1 Regular Maintenance

A proactive maintenance schedule that includes routine inspections, lubrication and component replacement will ensure that your container yard equipment operates at peak performance levels throughout its operational life. Regular maintenance provides reliability and longevity and should be done proactively to prevent equipment breakdowns, maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

No. 2. Operator Training

Operators should be trained on any new equipment and refresher training should take place on a regular basis, at least annually or biannually. This will ensure that operators stay up-to-date with best practices, safety protocols and any changes in equipment or regulations.

No. 3. Incorporate Technology for Data-Driven Insights

Upgrading and retrofitting container yard equipment with technology to be able to utilise data analytics and monitoring systems will allow for predictive maintenance and optimisation of equipment performance, cost savings and enhanced safety. This will also support the organisation in gaining a competitive advantage as reliable equipment, consistent performance and minimizing distributions that impact operations and ultimately the customer.


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