Reach Stacker operations challenges and solutions for ports and terminals.

As the global economy grows, so does the demand for efficient and effective cargo handling equipment at ports and terminals. Among the heavy-duty equipment used in these areas, reach stackers play a crucial role in handling and stacking intermodal containers. However, the operations of reach stackers can be challenging due to several factors, including limited visibility, high productivity demands, container damage, maintenance and repair, and safety concerns.

Fortunately, Konecranes, a leading ports and terminals solution provider and in partnership with Heavy Lift, a division of CFAO Equipment SA delivers innovative solutions to help you overcome these challenges and improve the safety, sustainability, and productivity of your reach stacker operations.

Limited Visibility

One of the most significant challenges in reach stacker operations is limited visibility, which can lead to accidents and equipment damage. The Konecranes Reach Stackers offer innovative camera, sensor systems, and impressive OPTIMA cabin solutions that provide real-time and superior visibility for operators, reducing the risk of accidents and equipment damage.

High Productivity Demands

Reach stackers are expected to handle a large number of containers within a limited timeframe, which can be challenging for operators. Konecranes offers state-of-the-art technologies, including TRUCONNECT Remote monitoring services to enable tracking of real usage of the reach stacker that optimise reach stacker use, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring services enable tracking of the real usage of the truck. The connection will provide means to improve safety, keep track of operations and plan maintenance.

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Container Damage

Improper handling and stacking can lead to container damage, causing delays and added costs. Konecranes reach stackers have specialized container handling attachments that ensure proper container handling and stacking, reducing the risk of damage and improving operational efficiency.

Maintenance and Repairs

Reach stackers are expensive equipment that requires regular maintenance and repairs. When your operations purchases a Konecranes reach stacker, you will receive the latest technology and benefit from the lowest total cost of ownership and best value over time.

The Konecranes TRUCONNECT technology will help you monitor the current performance, maintenance, and conditions of your reach stacker, replacement of component frequencies, and alert you to maintenance and repair trends that could be impacting your operations.

In Conclusion

Reach stacker operations at ports and terminals can be challenging due to several factors. However, as a leading solutions provider within this space, CFAO Equipment SA offers you these innovative solutions and localized support to help you overcome these challenges and improve operational efficiency.

With CFAO Equipment SA, your ports and terminals operations can operate more safely and efficiently, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

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