Konecranes Digital tools improve Container Handling Equipment efficiency and safety

Port Managers need digital tools that drastically reduces downtime, improves productivity and profitability, as well as a better customer experience and as a result significantly boosts operational performance. At CFAO Equipment SA we understand the impact digital technologies can have on your operations, especially Digital Management Tools linked to your industrial equipment.

As with anything in the digital age businesses lagging behind technological trends are missing out on key competitive advantages which could be costing them seriously in the short and long run. Which is why Konecranes is invested in constantly innovating and implementing the latest technological advancements ensuring our clients are provided with top quality industrial container handling equipment. As industry leaders with more than 80 years of experience Konecranes has offered reliable innovation ensuring high performing quality industrial equipment to its customers.

How is Konecranes technology improving Container Handling Equipment and operational efficiency and safety?

Konecranes manufactures heavy-duty industrial equipment integrating the latest technologies while ensuring the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for the best value over time. Having made significant investment into R&D to deliver the latest performance improving and safety technologies while ensuring full emission regulation compliance. The benefits of their technological advanced equipment can be seen in the user-centric, ease-of-use designs of their container handling equipment. With features such as:

Electronic Machine Control, EMC Master to boost productivity

The EMC Master system offers the operator full monitoring of all vital components and function from the ergonomically designed OPTIMA cabin boosting driver productivity. The MD4 7” touch screen allows the operator to not only view reports but also programme the relevant settings for ease of access. The EMC Master comes standard with the following features:

  • Full truck monitoring
  • Eco-Drive and fuel management
  • Productivity counter management
  • Auto accelerator/ power control
  • Data logging of alarms and errors
  • Driver log-in

Smart load-sensing hydraulics for reduced fuel consumption and a greener port

The load-sensing hydraulics adjusts the container handler’s lifting power to the weight of the load being carried which means the truck is constantly optimising fuel consumption and reducing emission and noise. Reducing fuel cost, increasing profits, improving the equipment’s lifespan, and improving your carbon footprint.

CanBus Technology for improved reliability and driver confidence

The CanBus system improves engine, transmission, hydraulics, and joystick reliability. The electronic joystick is available with auto accelerator/ power control. The CanBus technology improves operator confidence, improving productivity and efficiency, and speed of operation.

TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring for real-time accurate data and report analysis

With TRUCONNECT you can track real time usage of your container handling equipment through a remote connection allowing you to make quick informed maintenance, safety, and productivity decisions. You also have access to online and periodic PDF and Excel reports illustrating actual operational usage to give you planning and decision-making confidence. The TRUCONNECT remote monitoring technology gives you the peace of mind to make well informed decisions from current, accurate, and reliable data and with the range of packages to choose from you can track only the data important to your business. TRUCONNECT Packages:

  2. TRUCONNECT Premium
  3. TRUCONNECT Premium+

Fire alarm and suppression system for improved safety

The fire alarm and suppression system can be activated manually or automatically in the event of a fire, giving you and your operator peace of mind if an accident should occur there is an effective warning system in place. The suppression system discharges in the following ways:

  • When the equipment is in use:
    • Manually from inside the cabin
    • Manually from a mudguard trigger outside the cabin
    • Automatically though sensors in the engine compartment
  • When not in use/ when the master power switch is turned off
    • Automatically when the fire alarm goes off

Other safety technology for your container handling equipment

The Konecranes’ container handling equipment are fitted with three other core safety features to improve operator safety.

  1. Parking Distance Control (PDC)

The equipment is fitted with ultrasonic sensors for reverse driving to reduce the risk of accidents when parking or driving in reverse by improving obstacle and hazard detection.

  1. Breath Analyzer

The breath analyser requires drivers to take an alcohol unit test before they start driving reducing the risk of drunk driving and ensuring your drivers are always function with their full cognitive ability.

  1. Camera Supervision System

The camera supervision system can be mounted on the rear of the equipment as a reversing camera or a forward camera at the front.

To find out more about Konecranes’ technological advancements and how we can help you improve your port and terminal operations and safety contact our team today or browse or collection of industrial equipment here.

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