Achieving optimal efficiency with container lifting equipment

Every product in the global economy now is transported in shipping containers across oceans, railroads and highways.  As market leaders in the supply of material handling and industrial lifting equipment CFAO Equipment SA offers our customers powerful and heavy-duty container lifting equipment to lift both empty and laden containers on and off vessels and trucks.

In this article we will explore the following:

  • Container lifting efficiency and the consideration of total operational speed & safety
  • Empty vs Laden Containers
  • Having the right container lifting equipment for the job
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Why Konecranes

Container Lifting Efficiency considers total operational speed & safety

Achieving optimal efficiency requires the effective use of resources including reviewing the performance and productivity levels of staff and equipment.  How quickly your shipping containers are lifted, moved, and transported plays a pivotal role in determining profitability and business success.  For container lifting equipment the total operational speed includes the lifting, lowering, and the driving speed of the machinery and equipment used for both empty and laden containers.

Empty vs Laden Containers

Empty containers must be moved out of the way and returned to service as quickly as possible, while laden containers must be moved with the correct combination of efficiency and precision throughout the container handling process.  Balancing operational efficiency with risk requires a thorough understanding of the ratio of lifting capacity to truck size and length to achieve stability and safe operations for the lifting and transportation of empty and laden containers.

The right container lifting equipment for the job

Given varying weights, heights, and the various stages of lifting and transporting containers from vessel to end destination, expert buyers and container operators know that having the right lifting equipment with the right lift capacity is essential for the job.  In the event that you are unsure which lifting equipment is best suited for your operational needs, our heavy lift division team will provide you with insight into product capacity, versatility and safety whilst keeping long-term affordability for your business in mind.

Total cost of ownership

When shopping around and comparing brands and products the capital investment required to purchase container lifting equipment may heavily influence your decision.  However, the price of the product should not be your main focus, rather the decision should consider which equipment will deliver long-term sustainable value for your business.

Besides the capital investment outlay required, other factors that influence the total cost of ownership include:

  • The frequency of maintenance and services and the costs associated therewith;
  • Training costs
  • Employment costs for trained and certified operators
  • Fuel
  • Insurance

Why Konecranes?

At CFAO Equipment SA everything that we do is aimed at creating value for our customers and improving the safety and productivity of their operations.  Meeting our customers’ demands and requirements in shipyards, container ports and terminals year after year requires a commitment to our customers with best-in-class and innovative brands and products, which is why we are Konecranes South Africa’s sole distributor for shipping container lifting equipment.

The Konecranes product range achieves the lowest total cost of ownership, providing the best value over time.​

Additional benefits that drive operational efficiencies include powerful engines with extra high torque, reduced fuel consumption, certified low emission, maintenance-free brakes, and smart loading sensing hydraulics which sense the weight load and adapt lifting power accordingly. This allows the lift truck to only use maximum power when it is necessary, thereby consuming less fuel while reducing emissions and noise.

Konecranes is an innovative brand making lift trucks since 1959 and is fully committed to safety, innovation, quality, and reliability.

Discover our Konecranes product range which includes heavy-duty lift trucks that lift empty 8 – 10ton, laden 33-45 tons container lift trucks; 10 – 65 ton forklift trucks and reach stackers for everyday container handling.

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