Solving Container Terminal Congestion with higher performing and reliable equipment

With the ever-growing global economy understanding the relationship between lifting capacity and container lift truck size and length is crucial to achieving stable and safe port terminal operations. Ensuring your container handling equipment works towards balancing operation efficiency and risk is especially important when preventing container congestion and improving performance and productivity.

Terminal managers understand the frustration caused by container congestion. Preventing congestion and quick response, in the event of congestion, is instrumental to the productivity and profitability of a port terminal. At CFAO Equipment SA we aim to create value for our customers and improve the safety and productivity of their operations through high-performing container handling equipment and the digitalisation of container port terminal operations with remote monitoring solutions.

By consistently meeting customer demands and requirements CFAO Equipment SA has committed to providing customers with the best-in-class and innovative brands and products, offering powerful heavy-duty lifting equipment with optimal efficiency and reliability.

Port Terminal Operations Efficiency

Port congestion is one of the most common challenges terminal managers face. There are many events that can lead to port congestion but the most easily preventable is a lack of container handling equipment and reduced productivity. Terminal managers can optimize their resources and ensure a high level of productivity thus, avoiding preventable container congestion resulting in reduced productivity and subsequently decreasing performance and profits.

Effective use of resources including the speed at which operations are carried out plays a pivotal role in determining the profitability and performance of the business. To decrease port stay the speed of container yard clearance should match the speed at which the gantry cranes load and discharge containers. The lifting, lowering, and driving speed of machinery and equipment affects the operation speed and efficiency of the container movement and transportation. However, speed must be balanced with safety and a combination of efficiency and precision must be maintained throughout the container handling process.

The use of high-performing container handling equipment such as our Konecranes Reach Stackers and Container Lift Trucks is thus instrumental to productivity and congestion prevention.

SMART Connected Container Handling Equipment with Remote Monitoring System

Apart from the quality and long-term lowest cost of ownership offered by our range of container terminal handling equipment, a significant benefit is the integration of telematics technology within the Konecranes reach stackers and container lift trucks that provide terminal managers with an innovative and powerful remote monitoring system, easily accessible via desktop or mobile device regardless of your location.

With Konecranes TRUCONNECT remote monitoring, terminal managers gain access to valuable and comprehensive usage, operating data and maintenance information from their container handling equipment. Identification of anomalies, patterns and trends is made easy and efficient through the analysis of TRUCONNECT data ensuring informed prioritized recommendations and actions, and component-specific predictions. The use of your KONECRANES customer portal ensures streamlined and easy-to-use access to real-time TRUCONNECT data and actionable insights.

The monitoring data provided is used to predict possible component and equipment failure, with safety risk event alerts sent through the control systems by email or text message notification. And the TRUCONNECT Remote Support reduces unplanned downtime through the provision of 24/7 access to experts and specialists for problem-solving and troubleshooting. A two-way communication channel between the heavy lifting equipment and the terminal operators can also be implemented in controlled circumstances to efficiently communicate corrective actions enhancing safety, productivity, and performance. Through improved efficiency and predictive maintenance ensuring minimum unplanned downtime and increased safety and optimal performance increasing productivity and sustainability.

To discover more about the variety of container handling equipment such as container handlers, reach stackers and forklift trucks available to you, contact us today. You can also contact us to upgrade your existing Konecranes container handling equipment to include the digitalisation of your fleet through TRUCONNECT.

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