Reach Stackers for sale

Equipping your container yard with the appropriate reach stackers is instrumental to efficiency and productivity. CFAO Equipment SA is the appointed Konecranes South Africa supplier of its container handling equipment range, which includes a range of reach stackers, laden and empty container handlers and forklift trucks.

Konecranes’ innovative reach stackers meet the modern challenge of professional container handling with simple and safe operation, thanks to its remarkable load capacities and rapid operating speeds. Its technology connects machines, people and data and offers a wide range of features for every application.

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  1. Widest range of Reach stackers for sale
  2. Konecranes Reach stackers technology
  3. Konecranes Reach stackers notable features
  4. Konecranes Reach stacker cost and quality

1. Widest range of Reach Stackers for sale

Reach stackers from Konecranes are known for their well-proven design, high-quality components, and a durable spreader that enables a steady performance and uptime. Low fuel consumption and predictable maintenance costs make the machine economical to operate and maintain. Reliable monitoring and excellent visibility come standard in order to increase the safety of the operator and nearby personnel.

The widest range of reach stackers for sale include:

1.1 Konecranes Reach Stackers for container handling, 41 to 45 tons

Konecranes Reach Stacker: SMV 4532 TCE5

Our mainstream Reach stacker model SMW 4532 TCE5 is one within a powerful range of stackers within the 41 – 45 ton lift capacity. Offering excellent manoeuvrability with a lift capacity of 45 tons 5 levels high within the first row, 32 tons 4 high and 17 tons 3 high. Offering a wide range of modal accessories which make multiple applications possible.

Other models include those listed below:

Reach Stacker ModelCapacity

1st row – 2nd row – 3rd row

SMV 4123 CC541-23-9 Tons6 400 mm
SMV 4527 CC545-27-13 Tons6 400 mm
SMV 4527 CC545-31-16 Tons6 400 mm
SMV 4531 CCX5***45-33-20 Tons6 400 mm
SMV 4533 CC545-33-16 Tons6 400 mm
SMV 4533 CCX5***45-37-24 Tons6 400 mm
SMV 4545 CC545-45-33 Tons8 000 mm
SMV 4545 CCX5***45-45-45 Tons8 000 mm
SMV 4537 CC545-37-22 Tons7 250 mm
SMV 4537 CCX545-40-28 Tons7 250 mm
SMV 4538 CC545-38-23 Tons7 500 mm
SMV 4538 CCX5***45-40-32 Tons7 500 mm

***CCX = Capacity with support jacks engaged

1.2   Konecranes Reach Stackers for container handling, 10 to 45 tons

Konecranes container handling reach stackers within the 10 to 45 tons provide for a variety of heavy-lift applications. With the capability to lift to 6 levels and a weight capacity of 45 tons, these reach stackers are designed for heavy-duty, high-performance applications.

Reach Stacker ModelCapacity

1st row – 2nd row – 3rd row

SMV 108 TC6 10-8-5 Tons 5 000 mm
SMV 4127 TC5 (TC6) * 41-27-14 Tons 6 400 mm
SMV 4527 TC5 (TC6) * 45-27-14 Tons 6 400 mm
SMV 4531 TC5 (TC6) * 45-31-16 Tons 6 400 mm
SMV 4542 TC5 45-42-24 Tons 7 250 mm
SMV 4542 TCX5** 45-44-30 Tons 7 250 mm
SMV 4543 TC5 45-42-25 Tons 7 500 mm
SMV 4543 TCX5** 45-44-34 Tons 7 500 mm
SMV 2115 TC3 21-15-5 Tons 5 500 mm
SMV 2518 TC3 25-18-8 Tons 5 500 mm
SMV 4535 TC5 (TC6) * 45-35-20 Tons 6 400 mm
SMV 4535 TCX5** 45-37-24 Tons 6 400 mm
SMV 4537 TC5 45-37-19 Tons 6 400 mm
SMV 4537 TCX5** 45-41-28 Tons 6 400 mm
SMV 4545 TC5 45-45-37 Tons 8 000 mm
SMV 4545 TCX5** 45-45-45 Tons 8 000 mm

*TC5 = 5 high, TC6 = 6 high

**TCX = Capacity with support jacks engaged

1.3 Konecranes Reach Stackers for barge handling, 45 tons

Konecranes barge handling Reach stackers although specialised for barge handling, are versatile in their handling applications. They provide high lifting capacity, excellent reach, and superior flexibility.

Reach Stacker ModelCapacity

1st row – 2nd row – 3rd row

SMV 4542 TC4 BH 45-37-23 Tons (yard) 7 500 mm
43-30-18 (barge) 7 500 mm
SMV 4542 TCX4 BH** 45-41-31 Tons (yard) 7 500 mm
45-37-26 Tons (barge) 7 500 mm
SMV 4545 TC3 BH 45-45-35 Tons (yard) 9 000 mm
45-37-30 Ton 9 000 mm

**TCX = Capacity with support jacks engaged

1.4 Konecranes Reach Stackers for specialised industrial needs

Konecranes industrial reach stackers are specialised for your industrial needs.

Reach Stacker ModelCapacityWheelbase
SMV 4127 35-50 Tons 6 400 mm
SMV 4527 35-50 Tons 6 400 mm
SMV 4531 35-50 Tons 6 400 mm
SMV 4535 35-50 Tons 6 400 mm
SMV 4542 40-60 Tons 7 250 mm
SMV 4545 40-80 Tons 8 000 mm

For more information on the full range of reach stacker models available for sale contact us here.

2. Konecranes Reach stacker technology

The Konecranes range of reach stackers come equipped with a wide range of innovative technology that allows the machine and operator to communicate efficiently and effectively improving productivity and performance. From the ergonomic, driver-focused design of the OPTIMA cabin to the Electronic Machine Control master this range of reach stackers is fitted with state-of-the-art electronics.

The reach stackers models come equipped with TRUCONNECT and Electronic Machine Control system, EMC Master with CAN bus technology enhancing reliability, driver control, productivity, and operational performance. The TRUCONNECT remote monitoring services provide real usage tracking, improved safety, and efficient monitoring of operations and maintenance. The EMC Master comes standard with full monitoring, an electronic overload and safety system, Productivity counter management and Auto accelerator/ power control, ensuring improved productivity, safety, and driver efficiency.

3. Konecranes Reach stacker notable features

With a lift capacity between 10 and 45 Tons, a modern and durable lifting spreader, and a powerful, certified low-emission engine this range of reach stackers is designed with features essential for daily high performance. The following features further enhance the performance, reliability and therefore productivity of the reach stackers:

3.1 Smart load-sensing hydraulics

The smart load-sensing hydraulics adapt the lifting power according to the load weight thus reducing fuel consumption, emission, and noise levels.

3.2 Powerful engine

Konecranes offers a wide variety of EU/ EPA stage 3a and 3 engines with certified low emissions resulting in extra high torque at low revelations.

3.3 OPTIMA cabin

A spacious cabin with a driver-focused ergonomic design for comfort, safety, and increased productivity. Built with controls and displays within easy reach of the driver, and large, lowered, curved glass windows providing superior visibility range.

3.4 Electronic Machine Control, EMC Master

CanBus technology improves hydraulics and joystick control along with engine and transmission reliability. A 7” touch screen provides the reach stacker driver with full monitoring of vital components and functions.

3.5 Heavy-duty box-type chassis

The heavy-duty box-type chassis and the welded box-type lift boom are the basis of long-lasting safe lifting and high performance. The strong four-plate box section and extended design lift lowers stresses, resists bending, and provides excellent torsional stiffness ensuring precise and predictive driving.

3.6 Excellent stability

The stability and safety while lifting heavy loads are enhanced through a wide, strong drive axle and long wheelbase.

3.7 Smart and Connected

Real usage data is tracked through TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring Services improving safety and monitoring of operations and maintenance planning.

4.          Konecranes Reach Stacker cost and quality

The Konecranes range is sold at the lowest total cost of ownership, which accounts for the purchase value, running costs and second-hand value, providing the best value over time. The extended service intervals further reduce the lifetime running and maintenance costs, with the Hydraulic Long Life (HLL) ultra-fine filter system ensuring you are using up to 80% less hydraulic oil than conventional hydraulic systems.

CFAO Equipment SA offers a wide range of new and used Konecranes Reach stackers for sale, to find out more about which is most suited to your needs contact us now.

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