Remarkable adaptability – reach stackers with mobile crane functionality

For the movement of heavy products, containers, and equipment in most industries, including ports, intermodal terminals, agricultural, wood, pulp, and paper, operations managers require both reach stackers and mobile cranes. It’s rare to find heavy lifting equipment that can perform the functions of both a reach stacker and a mobile crane, however, the Konecranes Reach Stacker is known for its versatility and adaptability to unique industrial needs. Its vast range of attachments reduces the need for a mobile crane by providing versatility of function ranging from lifting and loading to picking and carrying.

Konecranes highlights its extensive expertise in customizing its reach stackers for a variety of industries through the option of special spreaders incorporating attachments such as steel grabs, lifting magnets, vacuum grabbers, and coil C-hooks. Each spreader attachment comes standard with four lifting eyes ready for lashing, which increases operational safety and efficiency, especially when lifting and carrying laden containers.

With its multifunctional versatility and customization for your individual industry needs, a Konecranes reach stacker ensures that the value you obtain from your equipment is perfectly matched to your operational heavy lifting requirements. Konecranes is a customer-oriented manufacturer with the best value over time, offering 60 years of experience building equipment customized for your business these reach stackers are smarter where it matters, and offer the lowest total cost of ownership.

As Konecranes South Africa distributors, CFAO Equipment SA’s Heavy Lift division supports you with product and support services that improve the efficiency and sustainability of your operations. With the Konecranes reach stacker, you’ll find a comprehensive range of reach stacker attachments that provide lifting solutions for container handling, intermodal handling to industrial handling.

Reach Stacker Attachments for Container Handling


This single beam empty ISO container telescopic top lift spreader conveniently converts your reach stacker into an efficient and effective empty container handler with a capacity of 10 tons. The hardened ISO quick exchange pendular twist locks which are activated hydraulically and mechanically interlock against faulty locking and unlocking for increased safety. The single beam contains a hydraulic cylinder that can absorb considerable force both vertically and horizontally. This reach stacker attachment is particularly useful in small distributors and warehouses with frequent empty container movement.


The ELME Spreader model 817 has a strong and basic design with benefits such as two parallel telescopic beams assuring maximum overlap. This spreader can absorb both vertical and horizontal forces enabling the safe and stable lifting of loaded containers with a capacity up to 45 tons.

Laden container handling requires the right balance of efficiency and precision, and this laden container spreader is equipped with hydraulically activated and mechanically interlocking hardened ISO quick exchange pendular twist locks to ensure safe and stable lifting.

ELME 817-MPS/OFL (folding)

This telescopic spreader with over height folding legs, extendable 1 600 or 1 200 mm to allow for extra high cargo handling, is as stable and precise as the ELME 817-MPS with the added benefit of being able to lift open-top containers and flat racks.

Intermodal handling reach stacker attachment

ELME 857-HPS (folding)

With similar functions to the ELME 817-MPS/OFL this telescopic intermodal spreader allows for heavy-duty intermodal freight transportation lifting applications. Suitable for laden ISO containers, swap bodies, and trailer handling this spread bar is applicable in a variety of freight transportation yards. This spreader has a capacity of 45ton when the twist locks/ lift legs are engaged. The folding legs extend to a length of 3 600 mm and an opening of 1 700 – 3 200 mm with sensors in each leg ensure they extend and contract in sequence.

Industrial handling reach stacker attachment

ELME industrial tool carrier system

The heavy-duty spreader frame and end beams allow for the safe connection of power tools with a wide variety of applications customisable to your industry including the attachment of vacuum grippers, coil C-Hooks and more.  And is equipped with a well-proven single beam design, floating twist lock with hydraulic operation and mechanical safety locking which ensures efficient and stable connectivity.

Hydraulic steel slab grab unit

This unit is combined with pairs of hydraulic lifting jaws with the possibility of height adjustment functions to allow for the lifting of up to 4 steel slabs. This steel grab unit is available in various width combinations and has the capacity to grab up to 50 tons.


No matter the industry and how challenging your industrial or material handling applications are, Konecranes reach stacker offers functional flexibility to operate safely and efficiently for mobile crane applications.

Konecranes reach stacker gives functional flexibility to work safely and efficiently for mobile crane operations too, regardless of the industry or how hard your industrial or material handling applications are.

With Konecranes’ quality-proven, multi-functional reach stacker and exceptional after-market service, including reach stacker training, technical support workshops, and parts, we can help you save money while increasing production and efficiency. Built for your business, smarter where it matters, please contact us today for more information.


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