According to the findings of an OSHA study, 70% of forklift accidents could have been prevented if proper forklift operator training and retraining was completed and forklift operation procedures were followed. This highlights the importance of forklift training, not only for the safety of forklift operators and pedestrian employees but for the profitability, productivity, and longevity of retail, warehouse, and distribution centers.

Investing in accredited forklift training from a credible training provider can significantly reduce fatalities, decrease workplace accident liability whilst increasing performance, productivity and profitability and reducing workplace accident liability.

Below are 5 reasons why forklift training is important and why you should prioritise it in your retail, warehouse, or distribution center.

5 reasons why forklift training is important

#1. Reducing avoidable accidents

Driving a forklift without the proper training presents a danger to the operator and to other employees because they are not aware of what is best practice. When forklift drivers are trained, they are equipped with the best practice and safety knowledge to prevent avoidable accidents. Best practices cover essential information including:

  • How to alert pedestrians and other drivers when turning or backing up;
  • How to avoid tipping over when lifting loads;
  • What to do when the forklift tips over;
  • How to maintain optimal visibility at all times.

#2. Early identification of faults and malfunctions

During forklift training drivers are given a full demonstration of the forklift controls and gain clarification about the machine’s operations and warning signs. With this knowledge, the driver can better identify problems and address the issue early on before it causes an accident or becomes a serious issue. This both improves safety and decreases repair costs as early identification of faulty parts and regular servicing prevent serious breakdowns reducing the loss of productivity due to downtime.

#3. Reducing the cost of incidents and downtime

Forklift accidents not only cause injuries, and damage to property and goods, but they can also result in unintended downtime and contribute significantly to the loss of productivity. Operators who are adequately trained and retrained are familiar with the rules, regulations, and best practices to ensure effective and efficient operations. This includes identifying when exposure to hazardous emissions could become dangerous to warehouse occupants such as:

  • When a warehouse has poor ventilation,
  • How to monitor the forklift emission levels,
  • Ensuring hazardous zones are clearly defined and labeled.

#4. Improving worker confidence

Trained drivers feel more confident operating forklifts which improves the productivity and performance of the drivers as they are confident of their own ability and that of their colleagues to safely operate the forklifts. This boosts worker morale and shows care and concern for worker safety creating a positive and safety-driven work culture.

#5. Legal Requirements

Other than the safety and productivity benefits the OHSA requires that all forklift drivers be trained and retrained every 2 years. Failure to do so could result in fines, and the company being deemed criminally negligible resulting in reputational damage.

600SA’s Forklift Training Academy

600SA, a division of CFAO Equipment SA offers forklift training via its Forklift Training Academy. Training packages include novice and experienced drivers’ accredited training and retraining. The training courses cover best practices, how to best navigate warehouse layouts while ensuring the safety of all occupants, how to reduce emissions and optimise fuel consumption when operating the forklift, and how to ensure the best ergonomics driving experience.

Training can be done on-site, on the customer’s premises, or off-site, at the CFAO Equipment SA Training Centre.

To find out more about forklift training contact our consultant today.

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