The benefits of using container lift trucks for shipping and logistics

The shipping and logistics industry is critical for the global economy, transporting millions of containers across the world each day. Container lift trucks are essential container handling equipment used to lift and transport shipping containers from one location to another. Container lift trucks offer several benefits which make them ideal for shipping and logistics usage, such as:

Efficient and Quick Container Loading and Unloading

Container lift trucks offer several advantages including their ability to quickly and efficiently load and unload shipping containers at port terminals. Lift trucks are specifically designed to lift and move container of various sizes, and weights with ease, and can be categorised as laden or empty container handlers according to their load capacity. Modern lift trucks are equipped with hydraulic lifts and cranes enabling easier and smother lifting of containers.

Increased Safety

Container lift trucks should be designed with safety in mind. This means ensuring they are equipped with safety features such as stabilising legs, counterbalances, lock mechanisms, etc to ensure containers are securely loaded and transported. Safety feature help to prevent accidents and ensure that goods arrive at their destination undamaged.

Cost-Effective and increased capacity

Using container lift trucks can be cost-effective in several ways. They reduce labour costs by eliminating the need for manual loading and unloading of containers which requires intense manual labour and multiple workers. You can therefore save costs on labour hire and improve profitability through the extra productivity enables by the improve efficiency and speed of container lift trucks when loading and unloading. Additionally, container lift trucks can lift and transport multiple containers at once, helping to reduce transportation costs. Their durable design means they will last a long time and depending on the manufacturer may have reduced maintenance requirements significantly decreasing the total cost of ownership.

Versatility of Container Lift Trucks

Containers lift trucks are versatile machinery and can be used to meet different operational needs. They can be used in ports and terminals, as well as on roads and highways to transport goods. This versatility makes them an essential component for shipping and logistics companies looking to optimise the use of their equipment. Lift trucks can also be customised to suit specific needs such as the ability to lift containers from different angles or heights, the ability to lift bulky or awkwardly shaped cargo.

Environmentally Friendly

Container lift trucks generally have a fuel-efficient and low emissions designs reducing their carbon footprint and generally making them more environmentally friendly. Most lift trucks are also equipped with noise-reducing features making them less disruptive to their surroundings and suitable for indoor usage in well-ventilated areas.

The Benefits of Konecranes Container Lift Trucks

CFAO Equipment SA is the proud distributor of Konecranes Lift trucks.

Konecranes is a Swedish equipment manufacturer with more than 80 years of experience in the lifting sector. Konecranes offer an extensive range of industry-leading, reliable container handling equipment including, container lift trucks, reach stackers, and forklift trucks for port and terminal application which is available through our heavy lift division. See the full range here.

The Konecranes container lift truck range offers empty container handlers with a capacity ranging between 8 to 10 tons, and laden container handlers with a 33—45 tons capacity. These durable lift trucks allow heavy-duty application without sacrificing performance. Their powerful engines are low-emission certified and provide extra torque at low revs reducing fuel consumption and noise levels. The maintenance-free brakes and remarkable engineering make servicing easy while reducing running and maintenance costs. The Konecranes container lift trucks offer the best value and quality at the lowest total cost of ownership.

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