2 ways we support our break bulk customers

Performance at break bulk terminals is constantly being pushed. Port capacity, efficiency and effectiveness play a critical role in success and have a direct impact on the reliability and efficiency of the larger logistics industry and economies.

Challenges are many from poor infrastructure, administrative, customs to statutory processes that impact productivity and efficiency; limited port automation technology systems; not having access to advanced cargo handling equipment, and not to mention the numerous safety risks from accessing ships and cargo holds safely to the safe use of machinery and more.

Understanding the interconnected nature of the challenges as well as the multiple metrics that are to be met within the break bulk space, CFAO Equipment SA and its Heavy Lift Division provide cargo handling equipment and services to support and solve real port terminal challenges. Improving operational inefficiencies, providing real-time information for productivity and uptime, with powerful machinery that is built to move cargo faster, safely and achieve a cleaner, sustainable future.

Here are our top 2 cargo handling equipment that support our break bulk terminal customers

RoRo Trucks

Terberg RORO Yard Trucks, RT223 – Ready for the Future

Break Bulk Terminal managers require cargo handling equipment such as yard trucks that are robust, durable and move cargo faster, more effectively and safely. Equipment that meets sustainability goals as well as achieves the lowest cost of ownership.

Terberg RoRo yard trucks are designed ready for the future. Its ergonomically designed cabin offers operator comfort and safety including the Ergoturn® 180° swivelling seat. The Terberg RT223 is ideal for operating in industrial yards to RoRo vessels with steep ramps because of its powerful 4×4 driveline. With the Volvo Penta Stage V engine, it delivers maximum power and torque at low rpm, low exhaust emissions and optimized fuel efficiency.

When connected to Terberg’s Connect Tractor Telematics, the data produced gives you the ability to track, monitor, analyse and optimize your Terberg RoRo yard trucks’ performance and uptime.

Heavy Duty Forklift for general cargo handling

The Konecranes heavy duty forklift achieves outstanding performance, and safety to sustainability goals for break bulk terminal operations; including the lowest cost of ownership over time as a result of its quality build, the incorporation of smart technology and reduced lifetime running and maintenance costs.

With a lifting capacity up to 65 Tons, the Konecranes heavy-duty forklift truck offers versatility through the largest range of attachments, coil rams and extensions that are quick to change to lift and carry a wide range of break bulk cargo handling needs safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Advanced technology features and benefits include smart load-sensing hydraulics sense the load and adapt the lifting power to the weight of the load. This means that the forklift truck provides maximum power only when it is really needed, so it consumes less fuel while reducing emissions and noise; to intelligent electronic machine control that provides the operator with real-time information on truck performance monitoring, like engine, transmission, hydraulics and lifting control.

Operator’s safety, health and wellbeing are kept top of mind as increased productivity and performance are expected when working conditions are safe and promote the wellbeing of the operator. A spacious cabin offers high visibility, cabin heating and ventilation, an excellent seat with compressor suspension, and lifting levers for super-smooth touch control.

These are only 2 of the ways in which we support our customers in the break bulk cargo industry. We also offer a range of technical to after-market support, including maintenance, service, training, spare parts and more.

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