Explaining the classification of container handling equipment

Container handling equipment is crucial for the successful operation of modern shipping ports and terminals which need to handle and store containerized goods and materials quickly and efficiently. Containerisation has changed cargo handling and transportation techniques as standardized boxed units allow for standardized handling equipment. Equipment designed and used to move, control, protect, or store standardized containers and cargo in a terminal is therefore referred to as container handling equipment. Understanding the different types of container handling equipment will help you make more informed decisions about the right equipment to invest in to improve your terminal’s operational efficiency.

Container Handling Equipment Classifications

Container handling equipment is generally classified into four (4) broad categories:

Container Handler

Container handlers are often used interchangeably to refer to container lift trucks, reach stackers, and heavy-duty forklifts which are used to efficiently lift, lower and stack empty and/or laden containers on a terminal or port. For more detail on the different types of container handlers and their applications see our blog “Select the right container handling equipment. 3 main types!”.

Konecranes, a Heavy Lift container handling supplier, is an industry leader in the lifting sector with more than 80 years of experience innovating, manufacturing, and supplying reliable and resilient container handling equipment for port and terminals. Visit our webpage and download our brochure to view our range of Konecrane container handlers here.

Shipping Crane

Cranes are generally characterized as static or mobile cranes. Static cranes are built into place and therefore don’t move during the period of their use. Mobile cranes, however, are typically simple cable-controlled machines with a telescopic boom attached to a mobile platform. Mobile platforms are more flexible in their application and faster to set up. They can access areas outside the range of static cranes and are more cost-effective thus they are a better investment for terminals and ports as opposed to static cranes.

Heavy Lift is the proud distributor of Link-belt Cranes, the industry-leading specialist in mobile crane technology manufacturing products ranging from all terrain and rough terrain cranes to telescopic trucks and crawlers. View their product range here.

Terminal Tractors

Terminal tractors are semi-tractors designed to move semi-trailers within a terminal or port yard, warehouse, or intermodal facility. Terminal tractors are a good option for terminals or ports with high volumes of deliveries and/ or storing containers or cargo in multiple locations on the port and terminal resulting in a high number of trips to relocate cargo or containers between zones or sections.

Terberg is an influential terminal and truck-mounted forklift manufacturer supplying specialist vehicles for port, logistics, and airport applications. Heavy Lift is a proud distributor of their innovative Terminal Tractors which you can browse here.

Identification and Control Equipment

Identification and control equipment is used to collect and communicate information identifying containers and their associated information for the effective coordination of the flow of containers throughout the handling process. This is crucial in terminals with high volumes of containers moving through the terminals quickly as it improves efficiency and performance.

CFAO Equipment SA, Heavy Lift

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