3 reasons why electric forklifts are the future of logistics

The South African logistics industry is a complex scene with challenges ranging from safety issues to port challenges to load-shedding. At CFAO Equipment SA we understand regardless of your sector, delivering or receiving goods in the most efficient and timely manner is key to customer satisfaction. This is why we partner with leading industrial equipment and material handling equipment brands to provide our customers with quality innovative and sustainable solutions.

In helping logistics managers navigate the South African warehousing, wholesaling, and retail industries we have realised that achieving sustainable forklift operation and maximizing power and productivity without compromising safety maximises the value derived by our customers.

The electric forklift has many benefits compared to the diesel powered forklift. Here are some ways in which our electric forklift brands are benefiting the logistics industry.

Electric forklifts are the future of logistics. Here’s why

Here are a few ways we at CFAO Equipment SA are helping logistics managers achieve optimal efficiency and maximize their value.

1. Maximise productivity with Electric forklifts

CFAO Equipment SA offers a range of electric forklifts for sale or for hire from reputable brands. With diesel forklifts requiring regular servicing, maintenance and repairs this means that your forklift truck is often out of production during these intervals, therefore costing you valuable time and money. Electric forklifts with lithium ion batteries achieve greater uptime and productivity.

The Benefits of forklift lithium-ion batteries

As the safer, greener, and more convenient option lithium-ion forklift batteries have been swiftly replacing lead-acid batteries. With benefits such as fast and opportunity charging, higher energy density, a longer lifespan, and a smart Battery Management System it’s no wonder they’ve taken the market by storm.

Our smart forklift lithium-ion batteries are designed for maximum energy- and cost-efficiency. And with up to 20% reduced carbon emissions the Lithium-ion batteries are an invaluable sustainable purchase.

Forklift Safety Lights

The innovative blue and red forklift safety lights that are included as a standard safety feature on our CT Power Forklifts have revolutionised warehouse, wholesale and retail safety. The blue lights create a 2-meter warning barrier behind the forklift while it’s in reverse, while the red lights give a 1-metre warning on all sides of the forklift. This ensures that passers-by are well aware of their proximity to the forklift reducing the likelihood of accidents occurring.

The reduction in forklift-related accidents provided by the extra warning from these safety lights significantly improves productivity, efficiency, and efficiency.

Read more about the red and blue safety perimeter lights here.

These are only a few of the solutions provided by CFAO Equipment SA to help our customers navigate the South African logistics industry. Complete the online form below or contact our representatives to find out how we can help you solve your business’ unique challenges.

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