The impressive safety features of Konecranes empty container handlers for sale

The challenges facing the container terminal industry are complex.  Terminal managers face daily operational pressures, having to maintain and maximize profit margins by ensuring port terminal space is maximized, surging cargo volumes are managed and the demands for quicker turnaround times are achieved – all with restrained resources.  Safety of people, equipment, and business is paramount in these high-risk conditions and environments.

Having the container handling equipment with safety designed as its highest priority, and able to meet operational to organisational goals is what makes the Konecranes empty container handlers stand out from competitor products on the market; and makes it an essential asset to terminal and port businesses.​

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Some of the safety features of container handlers include:

Strongest chassis on the market

The empty container handlers from Konecranes are constructed of four welded steel plates that form a closed box section. It boasts double the torsional rigidity and strength of a traditional lift truck chassis, as well as lower stresses and strains, a larger lifting capacity with no degradation at high lift heights, and strong tile fixtures in both the chassis and mast.

Spacious cabin, superior visibility and enhanced safety and productivity tools

One of the most noticeable safety features is the optima cabin that offers incredible visibility, electronic machine controls; left armrest mini-steering options, ergonomic control panels to an excellent comfortable seat with compressor suspension, cabin heating and ventilation, air conditioning and joystick control to offer your driver every possible comfort to enhance efficiency and safety.​

Daily safety inspections are digitalised for easy collaboration

Complying with safety regulations is now easier than ever and allows for collaboration between your various departments, thus improving safety and achieving business efficiency.  Say goodbye to manual daily safety inspections and hello to digitalised inspections that allow for your drivers to instantly communicate inspection findings via their smartphones and allows for the creation of inspection report audit trails.  Available via Konecranes CheckApp technology.  Read more about the Konecranes checkapp here and how it is revolutionising daily forklift inspections.

Remote Monitoring to improve efficiency and limit downtime.

Konecrane’s TRUConnect remote monitoring system, accessible via desktop and mobile devices allows terminal management staff to easily monitor and track the real usage of your empty container handlers. The online view illustrates the actual use of your container trucks and provides you with the data to plan actions, make informed decisions regarding maintenance to productivity. Safety features include safety alerts, machine status, parking distance control with sensors for driving in reverse, breath analyser for alcohol tests and camera supervision systems and more.

Additional add-on safety options, amongst others, include the overhead guard and auto stop-start feature.

Overhead Guard

Accident happens. Although falling containers are rare, stress to bad weather conditions could cause for a fatal accident especially when working with empty or laden containers at extended mast height. To safeguard your operator, Konecranes has built an overhead guard, a safety cage-like metal construction that is mounted around the cabin to provide safety falling containers and other objects. The overhead guard still allows for good visibility in all directions for the safe operation of the container truck.

Auto stop-start feature for fuel efficiency

Whilst not an operational safety feature, the auto stop-start feature protects your business from wasted fuel consumption and reduces C02 emissions. If your Konecranes container lift truck is idle for a prolonged period, the engine is turned off so that it does not consume fuel and can be restarted automatically when needed.

If the container lift truck is stationary, and power is needed for lifting, touching the lifting lever or joystick will re-start the engine. This feature significantly reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It also lengthens the engine maintenance interval.

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At CFAO Equipment SA, the quest to evolve and meet our clients’ business, operational, and safety needs is ongoing and require a partnership with a supplier, such as Konecranes, who is committed to the same values. The Konecranes container lift trucks, from R&D to all customisation and technology advances is made with one goal in mind: To enhance your operational safety and success.

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