Hire heavy lifting equipment

When it comes to running an industrial company, a big part of its success lies with the fleet of machinery you choose. It goes without saying that not every company can afford to buy a full range of heavy lifting equipment and vehicles, and this is where CFAO Equipment SA come into play. Should you be looking to hire heavy lifting equipment, we have you covered. One of the most iconic brands in terms of heavy lifting equipment is Link-Belt Cranes. If you are unfamiliar with the Link-Belt brand, let us introduce some of the quality machinery they produce, starting with their all-terrain options.

Hire heavy lifting equipment

All-Terrain Cranes

If you are looking to hire heavy lifting equipment that can go just about anywhere without baulking at loose, uneven, or rough terrain, Link-Belt offers solutions for you, starting with the ATC 3210 all-terrain crane. This model has a maximum lifting capacity of 185 mt, with a 6-section boom that starts at a length of 13,5 m and can extend to a maximum of 61 m, reaching a maximum tipping height of 99,6 m in the process. Should you be looking for a bigger brother to this model, Link-Belt also produces the ATC 3275. This model has a capacity of 250 mt, with a 7-section boom that can extend to a maximum length of 68 m to achieve a staggering maximum tipping height of 350 m. The ATC 3275 is certainly a worthy big brother in the range.

Telescopic Crawler Cranes

Although there might be stronger heavy-lifting equipment to hire from CFAO Equipment SA, the Telescopic Crawler crane range from Link-Belt provides a more versatile platform that is ideal for loose and uneven construction surfaces. Starting with the smallest in the range, we have the TCC-450. This crawler crane can handle 41 mt, with a 4-section boom reaching a total of 32 m, coming from a machine with a total operating weight of 44 t. Moving to the biggest crawler in this range, we find the TCC-1100. Although this incredible machine weighs in at a massive 100 t, it has a total capacity of 100 mt, with a 5-section boom that can extend to a maximum length of 45,7 m. The TCC-1100 may be heavy, but is still a viable contender when hiring heavy lifting equipment for construction purposes and other rough terrain applications.

Hiring from CFAO Equipment SA

CFAO Equipment have premises throughout South Africa to ensure that we are active in your industrial area. Should you want more information on the heavy lifting equipment you can hire from us, feel free to browse our website at your leisure, visiting our Heavy Lift Equipment Overview page to view our range of Heavy Lifting equipment brands and the respective product ranges within each brand. For more information about the hiring of equipment, please contact us directly with your enquiries.

At CFAO Equipment SA, we offer more than just heavy lifting equipment hire. We can also offer solutions for industrial waste management, container handling solutions as well as working at height. Choose CFAO Equipment SA today, and let us take care of all your lifting machinery needs to give you the freedom to take on any job.

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