Innovative app reduces downtime and increases profitability in warehouse operations

Warehouses rely heavily on materials handling equipment to meet deadlines and deliver on customer expectations. Breakdowns are a reality for many, however, being cognisant of the disruptive effects this can have on an operation has led warehouse managers to look for solutions that ensure their equipment is up and running as soon as possible.

It is for this reason that CFAO Equipment SA, the leading material handling equipment supplier in southern Africa, is launching an updated version of its Magnitude Gold Rapid Response app on 15 August 2022.

Ferial Leech, National Customer Relations Manager at CFAO Equipment SA, says downtime associated with equipment breakdown has a significant impact on warehouse operations, negatively affecting their productivity and profitability.

“We continuously look for ways to enhance our solutions to add value for our customers. The unprecedented speed at which business is being conducted, coupled with the need to drive value, has seen the launch of the updated app come at an opportune time, especially as it incorporated changes gleaned from feedback provided by our users,” adds Leech.

The app was developed to create a digital thread between the CFAO Equipment SA fleet controllers and the business’ customers, and while platforms such as WhatsApp are used by many, the Magnitude Gold Rapid Response app can be seen as WhatApp on steroids. The company aims to leverage the platform to improve analytics reporting, speed up decision making and improve on meeting customer expectations.

The trial phase of the app has seen significant uptake, with more than 100 customers already reaping the rewards. One such customer is Warren Jaftha, fleet supervisor at SAB Breweries, who says the Magnitude Gold Rapid Response app is now an essential tool in his organisation’s operations.

“The app’s name speaks for itself, with fleet controllers quickly responding when we log breakdowns, and I find this particularly important as we operate 24/7,” explains Jaftha. “The app’s dashboard also provides essential data such as a breakdown history, which allows me as a fleet supervisor to track breakdown occurrences, what the cause of these may be, and what we can do to mitigate the risk of similar breakdowns reoccurring.”

A noteworthy feature of the app is the ability to upload and send images and videos directly to CFAO Equipment SA operators. This provides the dispatched technician with a clear picture of what the possible cause of the breakdown may be, ensuring they arrive on site with the correct part, negating the need for continuous trips to and from the workshop, and ensuring the forklift is back in operation as quickly as possible. The app also allows customers to see the progress of their breakdowns, providing peace of mind in knowing their operations are being attended to.

“The app will allow us to continue delivering optimal service and ensure even greater levels of uptime, all with a view of increasing value generation by offering faster response times,” concludes Leech.

The Magnitude Gold Rapid Response app is available on iOS and Android. For more information on how the app can decrease your operational downtime and increase your efficiency, contact CFAO Equipment SA today.