Reach stackers that save you time and money

High-performing ports and terminals are measured according to a wide range of performance indicators; however, the essence of performance can be broken down into these main categories: Efficiency, Profitability, and Sustainability.

Without efficiency, terminal managers are faced with the frustrations caused by time lost performing tasks in sub-optimal manners. Sub-optimal performance leads to low productivity as tasks take longer to complete, sometimes even taking multiple attempts. This, in turn, results in decreased profits. In the long run, low profitability is a symptom of unsustainability, which can have a detrimental impact on the business health and longevity.

Heavy Lifting Equipment such as Konecranes reach stackers can break the cycle of low performance by increasing your operational efficiency, decreasing your operating costs, and improving your environmental sustainability.

The Benefits of Konecranes Innovative Reach Stackers

CFAO Equipment SA is the proud supplier of Konecranes’ wide range of reach stackers. From intermodal, industrial to container handling, Konecranes has a reach stacker to meet your terminal, port, or depot’s operational needs.

Picking the right reach stacker for your needs ensures your operational needs are always met. Consult our previous blog on choosing the right reach stackerhere.

Our reach stackers are designed with innovative technology and driver-focused, user-friendly operation in mind.

The following productivity-enhancing features ensure your Konecranes reach stackers will consistently perform at optimum levels:

  • The smart load-sensing hydraulics ensure lifting power is adapted to the load weight. Which helps to improve fuel consumption.
  • The electronic machine controls, EMC Master, powered by CanBus technology, improve control, safety, and reliability.
  • The strong four-plate box section and extended design of the heavy-duty box-type chassis and lift boom increase safety and durability while ensuring precise and predictive driving.
  • Our wide variety of emissions-compliant diesel engines operate with extra high torque at low revolutions.
  • The OPTIMA cabin with its driver-focused ergonomic design increases safety.

How Konecranes performance-enhancing features improve Cost-efficiency and Sustainability

The Konecranes reach stacker range is designed to optimize the trade-off between price, safety, and productive performance. From the driver-friendly ergonomic design, numerous safety features, and productivity-enhancing technology, our wide range of reach stackers offer the best-in-class value for money and come at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Most notably:

  • The smart load-sensing hydraulics reduce fuel consumption, emission, and noise levels. This results in low operational costs and less pollution in the terminal.
  • The EU/ EPA stage 3a and 3 engines with certified low emissions also ensure a more environmentally sustainable and healthy workspace for your operators.
  • The TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring Service provides digital monitoring services to enhance operational performance and ensure maintenance efficiency. This along with the CanBus technology ensures your reach stacker hardware is complimented by premium technology for the most efficient methods of remote monitoring, controlling, and data collection.

However, another impressive benefit of the Konecranes Reach Stacker range is our tire pressure system that makes it easier to keep your tires at optimal inflation levels, reducing wear and tear, saving you up to 25% inefficient fuel consumption, and increasing safety. Ensuring your tires are properly inflated safeguards the stability and drivability of your reach stacker operations. Proper stability allows the reach stacker to perform optimally at the rated maximum load. When combined with the drive speed limitation of the EMC the tire pressure system significantly extends the life of your tires by 25%-50%.

The tire pressure management system includes Shock sensors, as well as a Hydraulic oil particle and water content counter. The shock sensors help you to detect possible safety concerns and improve production efficiency. While the hydraulic particles and water content counter provides insight as to the particles and water content in the hydraulic oil to better inform you when to clean or replace it.

To find out more on how the Konecranes reach stacker range can help your terminal, port, depot or operations perform more efficiently, profitably, and sustainably, contact us today.

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