Revolutionising daily inspections for the forklift industry with Konecranes mobile CheckApp

The busier your operations, the more frequently your forklift requires an inspection. For your forklift operators, a large part of their day could be spent on doing daily forklift inspections. If your inspections are still being done manually, whilst not too laborious, it is time-consuming, and paper-orientated task.

Daily inspections of your forklift trucks are required and regulated by law, to help you identify any potential safety risks, excessive wear and tear to damage on your forklift which would increase the potential risks to your operator and business.

Forklift inspections must be conducted at least once a day; prior to every shift and for busier trucks, after every shift. Just how does one quantify the real costs associated with the many hours spent over a day, week, month, or year on forklift inspections? The cost associated with the time and resources required by both your forklift operators and management personnel who must ensure compliance, safety to asset maintenance and management, business profitability and more?

Organisations across the world have common challenges and aspirations especially around productivity, safety, cost reduction, asset management as well as have the pressing need to evolve and become a more eco-efficient business. In what is only becoming a more pressurised industry and environment to operate in; reducing, managing, and maintaining friction and stress levels across your organisation is crucial for the longevity of your business.

Fortunately, many within the forklift industry have already experienced the benefits of Konecranes equipment to its engineering and technological solutions. Konecranes focus is on more than just the development, manufacture, and supply of a superior range of heavy lifting equipment. With a thorough understanding of the complex processes and frustrations faced across the broad forklift industry; and with its innovative solutions, Konecranes has helped many organisations overcome operational challenges and achieve competitive advantages and sustainable performance and results.

Konecranes CheckApp for Forklift Inspections

Using smartphone technology, the Konecranes CheckApp revolutionises the way in which forklift daily inspection are done. Instead of a manual, paper-driven exercise, operators now perform daily forklift inspections digitally via their smartphones or tablet devices. The results are an optimized digital, easy and quick process that has seen radical improvements in business efficiency, productivity levels, workforce morale, safety and compliance and more. With access to audit trails for safety and compliance purposes; and real time and accurate reporting and retrieval of visual data across dashboards; managers are empowered to make quick business management decisions that enable them to keep fingers on the pulse of busy operations.

Concerns on whether the Konecranes CheckApp meets regulatory requirements to help businesses stay compliant have been resolved as the CheckApp follows the guidance of the ISO 9927 standard and in applicable statutory regulations. Additional benefits include a fully customisable application that allows you the flexibility to create custom checklists depending on your asset inspection requirements. With Konecranes systems awarded the ISO/IEC27001:2013 certification for information security management, organisations are further assured of data protection and security.

The CheckApp is free to download via Google Playstore or Apple Appstore and is available to an unlimited number of users. A subscription fee is required per asset to benefit from real time reporting and retrieving of data.

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