Our 5 most common container handling equipment for hire in South Africa in 2023

Here at CFAO Equipment SA, quality, performance and reliability underpin our customer promise which means we are dedicated to helping our customers find the right container handling equipment that will suit their unique container terminal needs.

As ports increase their volume capacity their container handling needs change to improve the efficiency and optimise their operations. Below is our list of our top 5 popular container handling equipment which has served our customers by increasing their port’s operational efficiency, performance and profitability.

5 most common container handling equipment for hire

#1. Reach Stackers

Reach stackers are the most versatile container handling equipment as they are ideal for every application from moving empty containers to stacking laden containers. Konecranes has spent decades innovating and customizing their reach stackers based on feedback they receive from their customers. This ensures that Konecranes reach stackers provide best lifetime value for its customers.

The innovative user-centered design of the Konecranes Reach Stackers is highlighted by the following features:

  • The driver-focused OTIMA cabin with an ergonomic design for improved driver comfort and an intuitive user interface for full driver control for optimal performance.
  • A modern and durable chassis with smart load-sensing hydraulics for optimal power distribution and emission and noise reduction for a safer work environment.
  • The Reach Stackers are easily connected to the TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring services to keep track of operations and maintenance needs thus improving efficiency, safety and reducing repair costs.

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#2. Heavy dutyForklift

Heavy duty Forklifts also offer great versatility in their application within container terminals.  With a wide range of attachments, available forklifts can easily be adjusted to move containerized cargo or bulk break cargo. CFAO Equipment SA works with Konecranes to provide the South African market with these heavy duty forklifts offering the lowest total cost of ownership without compromising on quality. Konecranes has invested in R&D to design the most innovative, reliable and safe high-performance forklift optimised to provide the highest lifetime value.

For more details on the benefits of Konecranes heavy duty forklifts download our brochure here.

#3.  Empty Container Lift Truck

Empty container lift trucks are designed fast, stable lifting and stacking of unladen containers with a capacity of 8-10 tons. The Konecranes empty container lift trucks are designed to provide the highest possible efficiency through the fast lowering, lifting, and driving speed as well as excellent stability. With load sensing hydraulics the Konecranes lift trucks offer added safety and environmental benefits such as reliable lifting with automatic speed adjustments and reduced noise and carbon emissions.

#4.  Terminal Tractor

Terminal tractors are a great option for moving trailers on container terminals with high volumes of break bulk cargo. The Terberg YT Series offers a range of future-ready multifunctional terminal tractors contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable port through reduced fuel consumption and multiple power integration options (diesel, electric, and hydrogen). Key features include:

  • A robust and durable hot dip galvanized chassis with a 36-ton lifting capacity, and a fifth wheel sensor for a safe and reliable high-performance vehicle.
  • A comfortable cabin with robust mirror arms and well-positioned air outlets for a high quality, ergonomic driving experience.
  • Easy access parts, for easier and more efficient maintenance and repairs.

#5. Cranes

Link-Belt cranes are versatile, durable, and easy-to-use mobile cranes for moving and stacking cargo on container terminals and a range of other terrains. These cranes are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified confirming the high standards for quality, safety, and environmental management. Cranes, much like reach stackers and lift trucks are essential when lifting and stacking containers and other cargo. Link-belt provides access to a range of cranes to use for different applications.

To find out more about our range of Link belt cranes browse our web catalogue here.

Heavy Lift’s Customer Promise

As a division of CFAO Equipment SA, Heavy Lift offers is a solution-driven material handling equipment supplier. Heavy Lift is well-known for its superior quality material handling equipment from prominent international manufacturers such as Konecranes, Terberg, and Link-Belt Cranes. Through balancing quality, durability, and cost to achieve the highest lifetime value Heavy Lift can fulfill its commitment to customer by supplying the best-in-class equipment with superior service delivery.

Contact us today to find out more about our range of container handling equipment or talk to our experts about buying or renting options, as well as the after-sales support benefits.

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